‘’The homeless community in Toronto has stood out to me for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up, every time I passed someone on a street corner I would tug on my dad’s hand, ask for change, and run back to give it to whoever was waiting. I didn’t understand how someone in the same city as me didn’t have a place to sleep at night, or didn’t know where their next meal was coming from’’.


Deanna Lentini is from Toronto and is infinitely passionate about her city. In her fourth year of university, she created Fix the 6ix, a Toronto-focused poverty alleviation project. Aiming at addressing and humanizing homelessness in Toronto, Fix the 6ix was developed by Deanna to use innovative no-cost donation models. Since March 2017, the organization gathered over $4000 by collecting partly-used gift cards and pooling every cent remaining on them. The donations are used to purchase necessities for local shelters, and to provide special programming for youth and women’s shelters. Through other initiatives, Deanna’s organization has helped to donate 15,000 slices of pizza to homeless shelters in one year, and continues to work to inspire a new understanding of the homeless community in the city.


Her dream for this project is to show that Toronto is more than a skyline. ‘’Whether you have a roof over your head or you don’t, everyone belongs equally to this city we call home’’. All of Deanna’s amazing initiatives helped land her a spot on FLARE’s How I Made It feature.


Hear more about her community involvement in the video below. #GoGetIt