Hosting an event at your place this weekend? Finally diving into the photography project you’ve planned? Or maybe just installing the shelves that have been sitting in the corner for far too long. All of these projects can be done without draining your budget. There are so many resources now where you can share or rent whatever you need to get the job done. Here’s our list of things that can be rented to save some $!


Do you have a “DIY” project planned? Do-it-yourselfers will be thrilled to know that a wide range of tools are available for rent at a number of hardware stores. For a daily rate, you can rent whatever tools you need to get the job done. Hanging that painting, installing shelves, and fixing the odd thing around the house – it’s all possible with the right tools!


Bare walls needs a little bit of life? Beautiful works of art can be available for rent if you want to showcase a local artist, or add some personal touches to your home. It’s a great alternative if you’re hosting an event or want to support an artist in any way you can. How? You can either contact a local artist directly, or browse collections for rent online.

Cameras, lenses, tripods and more

Whether you’re diving into your photography project, looking to shoot some content, or testing a product before actually buying – renting cameras & equipment is a great way to get your project done without the large budgets attached. Many camera shops rent out top of the line equipment – just take a look at your local shops to see what’s available!

Clothing and accessories

Want a tip for nailing the look at theme parties? Whether it’s to make your friends laugh with an incredible get-up, get dressed to the 9s or just complete your outfit, renting clothes and accessories can help.  Have your eye on that designer piece that would set you back at least a month’s rent? Rent the look instead. There are many dress/costume/clothing rental boutiques that will rent out beautiful garments for a fraction of the price.