The 15th edition of Piknic Électronik is presented by Fido this summer, and we’ve prepared a ton of things to get the music lover in you excited! This venue is without a doubt the best place for electronic music enthusiasts to go get beats. Whether you want to get your dance on in front of the DJ, or lounge and discuss with your friends to the sound of some of the best jams, the location can definitely accommodate that. Speaking of the location, Piknic Électronik renewed itself by changing its location to the Plaine des Jeux this year, slightly north of the previous site. In between the trees, Piknic Électronik now has a fresh and tropical atmosphere that we absolutely love, while the main stage gives a stunning view of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge as well as the city of Montreal. Besides the amazing performers, the delicious drinks and food of the food trucks, you’ll find extra perks prepared by us to make sure that your days go smoothly. Never run out of phone battery with our free lockers with charging cables. Feeling hot? Come cool down in the feel-good water jets of our Fido Fountain. All that to say that Piknic Électronik will be insane this year, and that we can’t wait to see you there.


More info on the Fido perks here