Inside Art is a 3-part series that features Canadian go-getters who’ve made their mark in the creative world. Today, we take a look at music video director Cole Walliser.

Sometimes nice guys finish first.

Cole Walliser, as humble a guy as you could ever meet, gets to shoot videos with stars like P!nk, Katy Perry and Channing Tatum – just to name a few.

And what makes Walliser even easier to like is that he’s100% responsible for his own success. He didn’t go to film school. He didn’t have any connections. He just picked up a camera every chance he got and filmed away, often focusing on skateboarding and dancing – two things he loved as a kid and still does today.

Walliser’s early videos weren’t exactly masterpieces, but that didn’t dent his confidence. He kept trying, kept doing and kept refining, and over time, people started to take notice of his work. Today, he’s in constant demand, directing everything from music videos to short films.

To learn more about Walliser’s fascinating journey, check out the video.


Fido presents - Inside Art Episode 1: Cole Walliser

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