Inside Art is a 3-part series that features Canadian go-getters who’ve made their mark in the creative world. Today, we take a look at Paul Devro, creative director at the Mad Decent music label.

Paul Devro hustled like crazy to get his big break. When he finally got it, he kicked his work ethic into overdrive.

Since becoming the creative director at the Mad Decent music label, Devro has taken on all the responsibilities he can handle, from overseeing roll outs to making videos. But what really fires him up is discovering new artists. Especially when they fill a gap in the current music scene.

Under his watchful eye, the Mad Decent roster has grown bigger and better every year, and Devro isn’t about to take his foot off the pedal any time soon. In fact, he just signed Mitch Murder and Yaeji, two promising talents with unique sounds to match.

Given all his success, maybe he should consider changing the music label’s name from Mad Decent to Mad Awesome.

Just sayin’.


Fido presents - Inside Art Episode 3: Paul Devro

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