Son of an art teacher. Man of an open canvas.

Unframed is a 6-part documentary series that profiles artists that are proving themselves an artistic force in the street art scene. Episode 1 profiles Ricardo Cavolo, an artist who keeps his universal messages simple.

Some are born with it, some are surrounded by it, and some are lucky enough to have both. Ricardo’s life as an artist began early. When his father saw that Ricardo had the potential to develop a unique voice as an artist, he enabled him to go get it.

And, he did. Ricardo spent his entire life creating until he was forced to slow down. This intense passion produced incredible work. However, meditation became a necessary part of his process for his art to flow naturally.

The most important thing for Ricardo is to make sure his art connects with people. He creates work that is universally understood, especially in the Montreal art scene.

Keep it basic to create the incredible

His father helped him keep it basic to reach the frame of mind needed to create incredible work through simplicity.

Now, Ricardo creates when it feels right. That way, he can truly spill his guts as an artist and share his emotions through a brush or a can of spray paint. Okay… several cans.

To learn more about Ricardo’s story, check out the video below.


Unframed Episode 1: Ricardo Cavolo

You can see his work in person at the 2018 Mural Festival in Montreal from June 7th to the 17th.

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