Montreal-based artist Fluke reflects on the hustle that led to his success.

Unframed is a documentary series that profiles bold, go-getter artists who are shaping our cities and building the future of contemporary art. Episode 2 profiles Fluke, an artist whose hustle led him to build one of Montreal’s most iconic art collectives.

Graffiti culture was just starting to emerge in the Montreal art scene when Fluke was nine years old. He quickly took to it and began tagging his name everywhere. Scribbling, drawing, and leaving his mark became a way of life throughout his teen years.

After getting his fix with graffiti, he took a few years off. He stumbled on hard times and eventually had to build a new life from scratch. Sometimes you have to lose everything to realize what matters most. So, with nothing to lose he threw himself back into the art world.

The hustle that got him back into it is the same hustle that keeps his art collective ASHOP going. Only now, Fluke has a fully stacked team backing him to create incredible art murals for their high-profile clients.

Growing a community of artists from the ground up

While ASHOP consistently pushes the edge, Fluke’s biggest accomplishment was developing a community where people share knowledge, mentor each other, and grow as individual artists. They all have something to prove and ASHOP is the hub that helps countless local artists go get it

To learn more about Fluke’s hustle, check out the video.


Unframed Episode 2: Fluke

You can check out ASHOP and Fluke’s work in person at the 2018 Mural Festival in Montreal from June 7th to the 17th.

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