MISS ME’S art speaks volumes by igniting important conversations

Unframed is a documentary series that profiles a new breed of artists that are bringing contemporary street art to the forefront. Episode 3 profiles MISS ME, an artist who fearlessly exposes her story through art.

You don’t need to get behind the mask to see where MISS ME is coming from. Growing up, she was labelled as a minority, which meant she related to a diverse audience and could channel her life into art that people connect with.

MISS ME experienced a traumatic event that no woman should ever have to go through. This completely shifted her perspective. Her healing process brought a need to find a new outlet. However, it needed to lack censorship and live in an uncontrolled environment. Naturally, she hit the streets of the Montreal art scene.

Creating art that empowers women

“I always created as a living, I just didn’t do it this way.”

Those who relate to MISS ME’s art aren’t shocked by it. They’re empowered. And it’s not only through street art. She does it through videos, photography, talks, anything that reaches an audience. She’ll do anything it takes to get her message out there and go get it.

“I don’t take pleasure in putting people in an uneasy position without purpose.”

Watch the video below to get MISS ME’s in-depth perspective.


Unframed Episode 3: MISS ME

You can check out her work in person at the 2018 Mural Festival in Montreal from June 7th to the 17th.

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