Chasing a life on set

BirdO made the move to Toronto to chase a different kind of art – acting. Auditions came and went, but he was never quite able to break through. As the auditions started to fade, he became more and more drawn to graffiti and street art.

Since taking on new personas came naturally to him, it’s no surprise that he’s now one of the most unmistakable faces in the Toronto art scene. There’s a small dose of irony when you move to a city to become a recognizable face, only to be recognized as one of your characters. However, this simply proves his level of talent. BirdO has been able to make a name for himself by combining his art with his persona.

Two secret identities?

BirdO described himself as more of a jock than an artist while growing up. But he found it rare to be able to talk about art within that scene. Since they don’t always mix, his dual-identity let him explore both areas extensively.

Multiple identities appear to be a consistent theme. The animals and creatures depicted in his art can be surreal and at times, grotesque. But what he loves most about his art is how it takes on new personas every time someone interprets it in their own way.

BirdO might be a character, but he is far from an act.

Check out his episode of Unframed.

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