A voice through a brush

With minimal colours and elements, there is little noise within Ness Lee’s work other than the presentation of the human body. While the intent was not initially for her art to be nude, the feeling of being raw and honest gave it an appropriate parallel. The smooth, continuous lines used to create the human body defines Ness Lee’s aesthetic. The more room that the body takes on the canvas represents how much that person feels in that moment.

Ness Lee’s art allows her to express herself and her preferences without necessarily saying them out loud. This outlet offers her a sense of normality. It gives her enough room to play with her emotions in a style that evolves with every piece.

Drawing to feel real

Ness Lee turned to drawing as a way to cope with relationship issues. It was a way to translate her feelings into something tangible. These are moments where so many people feel lost. The more she drew, the more she realized she can exist amidst her feelings.

There’s incredible relief in drawing something out. You can say everything you need to say, without saying a word. To Ness Lee, it’s a fundamental form of therapy.


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