Heading West

Ben Johnston has made quite a name for himself, considering the fact that he’s only been in Toronto for four years. He was born in Canada, but his family moved back to Cape Town, South Africa when he was 3 years old. This is where he found a passion for lettering and honed his craft until he was 25. He decided to move back to North America for more opportunities within a continent that caters well to the arts.

In those four short years, his career exploded. He’s been able to work with clients like Aston Martin and Adobe Max Festival on things like 3D printed pieces and blown out murals while also taking on side projects with friends to stay fresh.

The Approach

Reaching perfection and then finding ways to push a piece of art further is no easy task. Ben Johnston found that the best way to avoid feeling stifled by a single project is to have way more than one on the go. It’s a type of pressure that’s self-inflicted, but it’s one of greatest ways to get to incredible work. It’s when the best ideas come to him.

That kind of pressure can either break you or make you. We’re pretty sure it’s the latter for Ben.

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