Ever looked at someone else’s LinkedIn and thought: I want what she has? Us too. On October 19, Fido and FLARE partnered to co-host a one-night-only career inspo event in Toronto. Our amazing speakers shared their best insights and advice on how to turn thoughts into action. Hosted by writer, Twitter personality and FLARE columnist Anne T. Donahue, the event was an extension of the How I Made It article from FLARE. It was an inspiring evening filled with great discussion, open conversations, and inspiring stories from some of the career-slayers featured on the 2017 list.

Emily Bitz, the founder of cult-fave trading community Bunz, kicked things off with a keynote on how she turned a side project into a legit business – and built a community in the process.

How To Launch Your Own Biz

For those looking to launch their own business, we discussed entrepreneurship with Heather Anne Ritchie, Dani Roche, and Bailey Parnell on the How to Launch Your Own Biz panel.


Heather Anne is the co-founder of Repable, an eSports platform that gives organizations real-time insights on eSports streaming space by leveraging data analytics.


Dani Roche is the brain behind the digital experience agency, Kastor & Pollux. Kastor & Pollux is an online community covering the latest in fashion, beauty, art and design. Earlier this year, we had the chance to partner with Dani and her team to launch the travel issue of Ephemera magazine.


Our third entrepreneur, Bailey Parnell is the owner of SkillsCamp, a company offering soft skills training to organizations to ensure employees have the skills and knowledge to excel in their fields.

How to Make Work that Makes a Difference

The 2nd panel, How to Make Work that Makes a Difference, explored the community-focused initiatives of Ryhana Dawood, Sage Paul, and Deanna Lentini.


Resident family physician during the week and martial arts instructor on weekends, Ryhana Dawood found her calling through helping others. She’s the founder of Martial Smarts, a not-for-profit focused on improving health and mental wellness in women, children and the elderly through self-defence. Ryhana has been key in helping others build healthy relationships and fighting gender-based violence.


Specialized in fashion, costume and craft, Sage Paul was on the panel to speak about how she amplifies the visibility, culture and the artistic practices of Indigenous people through her initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator, where a group of Indigenous artists, designers, and community members gather to work on fashion, textiles and crafts.


We also got the chance to hear about Fix the 6, a Toronto-focused poverty alleviation project founded by Fido go-getter Deanna Lentini. Relying on a no-cost donation model, Deanna’s organization aims to raise funds for local youth, women, and homeless shelters, while humanizing the Toronto homeless community.

We finished the night with drinks, photobooths, tarot card readings, live art, and more. Thank you to our fabulous speakers, guests and to FLARE! It was truly an inspiring night to remember .