We invited Frede Rioux to join us at Mural Festival this year in Montreal and truly live the Fido VIP experience. From the Tour De L’art, concerts, and unique experience – Frede shares her days with Fido at Mural.

This year, I had the opportunity to experience MURAL Festival in a truly exceptional and unique way. Allow me to walk you through my experience a bit.I met up with the Fido gang on the first day for a special activity to launch the festivities. Fido is the presenting partner of Mural, so there were tons of fun activities Fido was offering throughout the festival. First up: ‘the Tour De L’art’.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, what’s that?

It’s essentially a large human-powered peddle bike with 12 people working together to get it moving through the streets of Montreal.

Me, I sat peacefully in the back.

Why? I’ll show you:

All aboard, we learned about the backstory behind some of the murals in Montreal. Wow! Did you know that our city is full of so many very talented artists?

Upon returning to the festival, my phone’s battery had died (OBVIOUSLY), but, thankfully, Fido had already thought of everything by installing a booth, called ‘the Fido Oasis”, with phone charging stations.

Now, equipped with a phone ready to capture some beautiful moments, I attended the opening night concert (AND the closing night concert too!) in the Fido VIP area. 

I ended my experience by meeting with Fido’s featured muralist, Michael Reeder. You can watch my interview with him in my video above. Below is his finished mural, which reflects on how following your dreams and and passions can bring beautiful results.