Jeanine Brito and Stephanie Rotz are two women who use their strong values to excel in the creative industries. Together, they founded Sophomore Magazine, a Toronto-based feminist online fashion and lifestyle magazine. It elevates voices, works, and faces of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities, abilities, and other intersections of identity, through interesting content and bold visual language.


Overseeing the visual direction of the magazine, Jeanine describes herself as an internet girl who learned to code because of Neopets. Stephanie, on her side, takes care of growing and guiding the voice of the magazine. Her life goal is to change people’s perspectives on gender, pop music, and sexuality.

Stephanie and Jeanine landed their spot on FLARE’s How I Made It list.


In the below video, they share with us some interesting piece of advice to understand our workplace. #GoGetIt