At Fido, we take our role in supporting diversity very seriously. Helping create a more inclusive world where everyone can go get their it and be themselves inspires our dedicated team of people to make a difference.


Earlier this year, we hosted a discussion about diversity and labels with people from all walks of life. We wanted to create a dialogue and stimulate genuine conversations on gender and sexuality. This generated interesting reactions around labels and encouraged participants to have eye-opening reflections on their relationships with diversity and inclusivity.


As a partner of Pride events across Canada, we joined the parades in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and celebrated the LGBTQ+ community. We got our groove on to amazing beats at silent discos and at the treehouse and beach parties. At all three parades, we connected with local go-getters to understand what Pride means to them and how they celebrated in their city. We explored further what labels, identity, and community mean to them. Check out the videos below as we join in the festivities with Julie Vu, Kaitlyn Alexander, and Frede Rioux.

A day at Pride Toronto with Kaitlyn Alexander

At one of the biggest Pride festivals in the world, we were joined by Kaitlyn Alexander, to learn how this YouTube star shows pride. Identifying as non-binary, Kaitlyn believes that everyone should have their own relationship with labels.

On the West Coast with Julie Vu

”When we come together as a community, we’re stronger than ever.’’ Julie Vu is a strong advocate of inclusivity, and taking action towards what makes us happy and proud. She shows us around Vancouver Pride to highlight how the LGBTQ+ community helped her find her voice.

Partying in Montreal with Frede Rioux

Pursuing dreams and showing our true selves is important to YouTube star Frede Rioux. We spent a day touring Pride Montreal with her. Here, she tells us about what labels mean to her.