Pride 2018

The Pride Festival is a time to celebrate the strength, history and diversity of Canada’s LGBTQ+ community. Every year, it unites people of all genders, orientations, identities and expressions in a great celebration, and we’re so excited to celebrate again this year!

Great Parties, Proud Moments & Exclusive Goodies

Fido is back and ready to get loud & proud!
Fido’s thrilled to partner up with some of Canada’s biggest Pride celebrations in the country, traveling from Toronto to Vancouver and finishing things off in Montreal, we hope to see you celebrate with us.

Strut your stuff and strike a (few) poses! We’ve got our vibrant, colourful, and cheerful Proud Moments GIF booth traveling with us across the country to capture your proud moments. You’ll be able to share your fabulous GIFs with your friends and share how you #GoGetProud

Here’s what we’re doing to celebrate Pride this year.

August 9 - 19 —Montreal Shows Its Pride

Continuing the celebrations in Montreal, we’ll have our GIF booth setup and ready for snaps on Saint-Catherine Street from the 9th – 19th. We’ll be selecting photos to appear in billboards along Saint-Catherine. We want to see your Proud Moments!

We’ll be getting extra loud in the Montreal Pride parade on August 19th – make sure you don’t miss it!

Make sure to check in with your Fido My Account app to see added perks from Fido XTRA during Pride.

July 27 – August 5—Pride With a West Coast Vibe in Vancouver

Bringing the Pride vibe west; we’ll be hitting the streets of Van city with our GIF booth at the various events to capture all the magic.
We’re proud to present the Pride Premiere party happening on July 27th at the Vancouver Art Gallery! It’s a 7-hr party with interactive art, silent discos, and tons of other activities to start your Pride off right.

On July 27th from 12-5, we’ll be hosting a Pride party at our retail location at 1191 Davie street – make sure you swing by and grab some Pride gear and party with our special guests.

We’ll also be at:

• Pride Gateway at Jim Deva Plaza from Aug 1-4
• Sunset Beach Fest on August 5th

And of course, we’ll be marching in Vancouver’s Pride parade on August 5th.
Your Fido My Account app will have added perks, so make sure you check the app for your chance to redeem them.

June 22–24 - Pride and Fido take TO

Kicking things off in TO, we’ll be getting the party started in our 2 Bloor Street East Fido store with an appearance from special guests on June 21 from 12 – 5. Come by and grab some sweet free swag.

Our Proud Moments GIF booth will be located at Church and Alexander street from June 22-24th, so come out to the booth and work it for your chance to have your GIF shared in Yonge & Dundas square!

On Sunday, June 24th we’ll be marching in the Toronto Pride Parade – make sure you come out and wave hello.

Got all that? Awesome.
So there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see your pretty faces at Pride this year!

And, as always,