While most parades happen during the day, we all know the fun goes after the sun goes down, too. Memories will be made into the night, that’s why Fido and Google are a perfect match.

With the Google Pixel 3a’s Night Sight feature, you’ll be able to capture the epic moments of Pride in rich detail and colour, even after the sun goes down. With glowsticks, face paint, and sparklers everywhere, your pictures will come out as vivid as they should for such an incredibly colourful event. Plus, with Google Assistant, you can easily fill your calendar with all the places and events for Pride. Getting to the Parade? No problem. Mapping your way to the next hangout? Ok Google, consider it done.

Capture better pictures with Night Sight

You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight lets you capture rich detail and colour, even in the dark.

Take flawless photos with Portrait mode

Capture beautiful portraits that focus on your subject as the background fades into a blur.

Keep everyone in focus

Motion Autofocus will make sure that the people and pets in your shot stay sharp as you snap away.

Charges fast so you don't slow down*

Work, play, stream, and get more done with a powerful battery that charges quickly and lasts all day. 

And while you’re snapping photos at Pride with the Google Pixel 3a, tag them with the hashtag #GoGetProud.

We are all courageous, bold, vulnerable, authentic, and we are all proud

Click the link below to find out what Pride at Fido is all about this year.

Check it out


* Approximate battery life based on a mix of talk, data, standby, mobile hotspot and use of other features, with always-on display off, according to a user profile as defined by Google. An active display or data usage will decrease battery life. Charging rates are based on use of the included charger. Actual results may vary.