At Fido, we support and we empower those who strive to achieve their goals and create things. Whether your goals relate to art, music, technology or travel, we like to pursue things and want to be there along the way to help you do just that. Even if it means paving your own way, we think that everything is within the reach of those who dream and work.
So, we got creative and teamed up with Kastor & Pollux to illustrate the different realities of go-getters through pictures. An incredible partner, Kastor & Pollux is an online community covering the latest in fashion, beauty, art and design, as well as culture and tech. Just like us, their organization tries to connect thinkers, makers and doers. Our collaboration took place under the form of an editorial shoot for their magazine Ephemera, which is a collection of short fiction, essays, interviews, photos, and artwork that explores permanence in a world of rapid change.
The shoot resulted in a series of beautiful photographs using the colours of Fido. We’re super excited with them, and hope that you’ll like is just as much as we do!