And even more reasons to look forward to next year

Safe to say the 2018 Pride celebrations blew us away! At Fido, we commit to shining a spotlight on go-getters of all backgrounds, identities and orientations across Canada. As a brand, this is why we walk the talk and celebrate the diversity and inclusiveness of the LGBTQ+ community, which still today fights for equal rights. So, for this third consecutive edition, we were ecstatic to be a part of three high-energy (and high-heat!) Pride Parades with you.

Again this year, the marches were a renewed opportunity to celebrate the sense of togetherness, but also to honour the continuous efforts of community that has conquered mountains of adversity to reach where it stands today. A humbling, yet astonishingly festive gathering that left us looking to the future with a more than positive eye.

We’ve had the opportunity to hit the streets with proud Canadians from diverse backgrounds and orientations in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal that shared their stories and inspired us in countless ways. For this, we wish to thank you all!

Moments to be proud of

Pride is always bursting at the seams with moments to be proud of, so we captured those moments in one of the coolest ways possible: a 3D GIF photo booth.

Told you how good you looked, didn’t we? The eye-catching booth was our way to get people hyped up at Pride. The stage was set, the confetti went off (digitally, of course) and the crowds went nuts for it. The GIFs were even streamed live on billboards in Toronto and Montreal.

If you were there and got a GIF taken, don’t forget to share it with #GoGetProud!

Go Get Proud

We were able to bring #GoGetProud to life in a ton of different ways. By marching in the parades, hosting concerts, giving away VIP tickets, in-store events, and partnering with Frede Rioux and Marie Gagné in Montreal and Kaitlyn Alexander in Toronto, you helped us make Pride 2018 the best one yet.

How could we possibly follow it up next year? Don’t you worry. We’re on it.

See you soon!