What happens when perceptions of sexual and gender identity are put to the test? We conducted a social experiment to find out.

Fido is a champion for inclusion and diversity and an active supporter of the LGBTQ community. We believe in an environment that reflects that of our teams as well as our customers. That’s why you’ll see Fido at Pride events across the country. To us, though, it’s more than having a presence at these events. We wanted to engage people in an important discussion about sexual and gender identity. That’s why we created this video.


We brought together a diverse group of people from all walks of life, cultures and ages to play a familiar game. However, we added a twist that caught them off guard. The reactions from the participants were genuine, unscripted and somewhat surprising.


This experiment was the catalyst for a post-game conversation between the participants to talk about their experience and dig a bit deeper into the issue of sexual and gender identity. The discussion touched on everything from society’s perceptions and prejudice to the importance of events like Pride.


It’s our hope that this video will stimulate more dialogue, more discussion, more understanding and more acceptance.